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FAQ for isdn4linux

Matthias Hessler (

v2.0.103, 15 January 2006

If you are reading this FAQ online, you may consider downloading the whole thing, and reading it offline (much cheaper). To download the latest version of this FAQ in TXT/HTML/SGML format, go to the homepage of this FAQ: A German translation of the FAQ is available at: This FAQ answers questions that were frequently asked in the newsgroup de.alt.comm.isdn4linux. It contains questions any user should know about ISDN under Linux using isdn4linux, as well as hints on how to best make use of all the features isdn4linux provides. Version 2 of the FAQ is derived from an earlier version which had become outdated at the time of this writing. To obtain information on old versions of isdn4linux (1997 and earlier) please have a look at the FAQ version 1.3.4. About the format of this FAQ: The main basis of this FAQ is the i4l mailing list (see question docu_mailinglist). I've treated the knowledge gained from reading as public domain, without quoting the author of the original mail. The FAQ is now written in SGML, as this format is flexible to convert into any other form of documentation (though some restrictions apply). The FAQ is now maintained in English since German-speaking people can easily follow the mailing list/newsgroup (or search in the archives). Whoever wants to translate back to German is welcome to do so! The countless links in this documents are not always complete and I'm sure many are no longer correct. I do not have the time to check them all. If you discover a bad link, please let me know (I'll try to install some automatic checking when I have the time). Additions, improvements and other suggestions are always welcome (also correction of typographical errors!), preferably send "diffs" from the SGML version. Thank you very much in advance! Send feedback about this FAQ to: or: The newest version of this FAQ can be found at: or: This FAQ is protected by the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2; (C) 1999-2002 Matthias Hessler (for version 2.0) Distribution under the terms of the GPL is welcome. However, we offer NO GUARANTEES for the information herein. Please read the GNU General Public License for further details. A printed version is available from Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. An electronic version is available from the author.

1. general: General information about isdn4linux

2. distrib: Distribution

3. Features

4. docu: Documentation, Howto's, Tips & Tricks, Mailing List/Newsgroup

5. hardware: Supported hardware, its specialities, and hardware-related problems

6. config: General information about Configuration

7. trouble: Troubleshooting

8. msn: Configuration/MSNs

9. lan: ISDN4LINUX in a LAN

10. dialout: Configuration of Dial-Out

11. pap: Authenticate properly (especially with PAP)

12. syncppp: Sync PPP

13. asyncppp: Configuration Async PPP

14. rawip: Raw IP

15. ttyI: Configuration of the ttyI* devices (`Modem emulation')

16. dod: Unwanted dialout on demand

17. chargeint: Chargeint

18. 2channel: Channel bundling (MPPP, raw bundling)

19. remote: Pecularities of the remote ISDN device

20. leased: Leased lines

21. dialin: Configuration of a Dial-In Server

22. callback: Callback

23. isdnlog: Isdnlog

24. audio: Handling Voice with ISDN

25. Supported Countries

26. 1tr6: German Pecularities for 1TR6

27. Other countries

28. misc: Miscellaneous

29. glossary: ISDN specific words which are used in this FAQ

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